About us
From the keywords Quality - Environment - Flexibility - Footprint, SLS has in 20 years a product line offering everything from the simplest to the most advanced solutions in the refrigeration and heat pump industry. NH3 and CO² are the blood that flows in SLS veins and the only thing that sets the limits is the imagination. Each aggregate and project is unique and requires its order of priorities and focus which results in a customized delivery entirely according to customer requirements and objectives. With manufacturing located in Norrköping, Sweden, we meet demand from all corners of the world.

"Ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO²) are the refrigerants of the future."
As a manufacturer, we have an important responsibility, both in large and small. Protecting the environment is a long-term survival condition, and SLS's contribution to this is to advocate refrigerants in every way with the least impact on our planet, and to provide effective aggregates with the highest possible COP (Coefficient of Performance).

"Material selection is important ..."
For us at SLS, the choice of materials and components is a responsible work that we take the most seriously. In order to achieve the high standards of quality we seek, continuous work is being done to find solutions, working methods and components that ensure the quality stamp that SLS brand stands for.

Complicated customer specifications, short lead times and "one-of-a-kind" solutions, are the everyday we have in SLS format to our specialty. What for many could seem impossible, SLS see as a challange and can successfully reschedule both the project and the production team in order to assume the task.

Time is money, they say. But what about the space need, Footprint?
For SLS, this is a constant driving force and our designers are constantly working on the task of being able to offer the market's best footprint for both land and offshore applications without sacrificing service-friendliness.