Ammonia / CO2, Chillers
Frame unit or container assembly, 10kW or 10MW, cruise ship or oil platform. From the keywords Quality - Environment - Flexibility - Footprint, SLS has in 20 years a product line offering everything from the simplest to the most advanced solutions in the refrigeration and heat pump industry. Synthetic refrigerants occur in our manufacturing if the customer has this as a specific requirement, but NH3 and CO² are the refrigerants that account for the majority of our manufacturing and what we advocate in all modes.


Frame assembly for assembly in engine rooms is the real core of our business and is our absolute excellence. The units are 100% tailored to the customer's specific requirements, ranging from an extreme footprint, high efficiency requirements, specific software requirements, or something as simple as low cost. Manufacturing industry, food industry, process cooling, ice cream shop, district cooling, freezer, etc. are typical examples of applications that are constantly recurring in our production.

Container units

Portable engine room that is easily moved and transported all over the world. If there is no space in the existing premises or if the existing chiller needs to be moved after some time, the choice will fall more often on a container chiller unit. The container is adapted to connecting pipes and cables to be optimized for the specific task. Very often the Cooler is placed on the container roof to minimize the unit's footprint. Easy and fast to transport worldwide as the format is a standard 40 'container. Manufacturing Industry, Food Industry, Process Cooling, Ice Cream, Remote Cooling, Frozen Storage, etc. are typical examples of applications that are increasingly choosing a container solution for space reasons or simply because it is cheaper than building a new engine room.


Frame unit or container assembly, 10kW or 10MW, cruise ship or oil platform. All types of cooling units are also manufactured to the marine market and are also adapted to 100% according to the customer's requirements.

Refrigeration plants for Commercial coolers and freezers.

Here the choice falls on CO².
In this segment SLS manufactures 100% aggregate with CO² refrigerant. This is the most standardized part of SLS operation. Similar to the other manufacturing, the units are still built according to the customer's specific requirements, so as not to spoil expensive space in the engine room or to override the cooling needs with predetermined power levels. The closer we get, the more money the customer earns.

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