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SLS offers a wide range of services related to our core business, the manufacture of refrigeration and heat pump systems. Whether the task is practical or theoretical, our team is ready to meet your inquiry.

Rental chillers
Intended for refrigeration or freezer applications. 20' container version with air cooled condenser placed on the container roof for best efficiency and footprint. Available in two versions, choose between 100kW direct expansion at -42 °C with pumped NH3 liquid, or 300 kW Brine system at -12 °C. For other operating cases, contact us for consultation. Are you in urgent need of refrigeration or freezer to your manufacturing / plant. If you would like a temporary fridge / freezer installation, contact us for more information.

At each unit supply there is an installation to follow. SLS has an experienced group of travel technicians and fitters, ranging from pipng to commissioning. With partners in electricity and insulation, a complete installation is offered to the customer.

As a customer, you do not need to be an expert to get a perfect refrigeration, freezing or heat pump system. SLS with partners assists with total design solutions, from the idea stage to the fully operational plant.

Pressure testing
SLS is accredited by Swedac according to ISO / IEC 17020 (C) for pressure testing of machines and piping up to 180bar.